I would just like to say how wonderful the Creative Ageing sessions have been for my husband and myself.  I am my husbands carer and having somewhere to come and sit where it is so, friendly, welcoming and relaxed has been a lifeline for us. It has been particularly beneficial to me when I have found time to come down on my own and have a bit of time to myself.  The staff and volunteers and other people here have been fantastic and have made me feel so welcome.

Artsemble Details

Artsemble organises Arts & Crafts sessions which were created to help adults in the community who are struggling with their mental health such as depression or anxiety, those suffering with dementia including their carers and family members, people who need a confidence boost and those who are lonely or socially isolated.

They are sessions run either on the Merryhue Fam site, in local village halls or from the Open Doors Community Hub at the Mustard Seed in Callington and are facilitated by Arts & Crafts enthusiasts who are willing to share their love and skills surrounding their craft.  You get an opportunity to try your hand at different art mediums in a relaxed and friendly environment.  All activities are free or we ask for a small donations towards the materials. 
Anyone is welcome! Some sessions require booking as there is a limit on numbers where many you can just turn up on the day.

We will be running some family arts sessions from the Mustard Seed during the August holiday period, so keep any eye on our events and calendar pages.

See below for the types of activities on offer:

Traditional Art

Everybody has seen examples of Traditional Art! The Mona Lisa is an example of a traditional art. 
Anything with pens, pencils and paints on a physical canvas can be considered traditional. So this can be anything from doodles in a sketchbook to something like the Sistine Chapel!
We have plenty of examples of art made within the community hub at Merryhue Farm. In its simplicity, it ultimately one of the most versatile and fun!

Digital Art

Digital art is like Traditional, but it's more versatile and totally without the mess! Ever wondered how our little toast mascot was created? Digital art!
It's done on computers, usually using digital tablets which with have on our site at Merryhue Farm. A variety of programmes allow you to instantaneously swap between art styles, like paintbrushes to sponges and stamps. Create professional-looking artwork with ease, or challenge yourself by attempting traditional style on a digital medium!

Glasswork and Pottery

This is for those who want something a little more heavy-handed than traditional art methods. These take a little more time and, of course, some more equipment, but the rewards can be much greater! You can make a pot for your plants, or coasters for your brews!

Lino Printing

Similar to traditional art practises, this fun method involves making a stamp out of linoleum sheets and then printing them onto card to make sharp, colourful designs! When we have these sessions, we supply dedicated tools, and always produce some really stunning works, as Les demonstrates in the attached photograph.